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Philosophy of Education:

Children learn best through play. This is where they learn the rules of sharing, interacting with others, resolution of conflicts, recognizing emotions and how to handle those emotions, helping others (empathy/sympathy), entering play, sustaining play, and leaving play successfully. Imagination and creativity are also fostered through play.

Social intelligence is very important to the immediate succes of children and even the long term succes in school. Without social intelligence, children suffer later in school due to a lack of self-control, emotional maturity, and how to succesfully interact with others.

Children at Moments of Joy will work on the social intelligence and developmental level they currently are when entering the program.

Mission Statement:

Moments of Joy Infant & Child Learning Facility will provide quality child care and create a safe, fun environment for children to learn, grow, and develop. It is also our mission at Moments of Joy to show the love of Christ to each child and their family, to instill Biblical truths in their hearts, and to provide families with the tools the Bible lays out for how to raise a family.

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